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Celia Richardson Talk at the NLA About BC Earth Experience


27 April 2023

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New TV and film studio facilities are being designed across the UK to support the ever-growing British film industry. This evening talk will present a series of large-scale projects designed specifically for film and TV production.

The UK’s TV production and film industry has had a post-covid boom, with an ever-increasing demand for TV and film content. BFI’s official statistic of £5.64 billion spent in film and high-end TV production in 2021 puts this industry into focus when looking at the UK’s overall economic growth over the past three years. As new TV and film studio facilities are appearing across the country, how can these masterplans be used for positive regeneration, encouraging job opportunities and skills? What are the biggest challenges when it comes to designing complex, multifunctional and technical campuses and what is the role of placemaking within these?

This evening talk will present the latest TV and film studio projects across the UK, showcasing how these schemes can champion local talent, create job opportunities and improve local economy.


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