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To Make Major Sporting Events Sustainable, We Need to Reuse Existing Infrastructure and Be Open About Our Mistakes

By Kevin Owens

25 July 2023

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Environmental and financial imperatives are driving a new approach to stadium design and sporting events, writes Kevin Owens

Australia and New Zealand are pointing the way to a more sustainable model for major sporting events by hosting the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, using a mixture of existing and newly constructed stadiums. But even as Australia showcases this positive news story, the country is struggling elsewhere with the cost and sustainability issues that still too often afflict these global sporting events.

Just last week, the Australian state of Victoria announced that it can no longer support the next Commonwealth Games (CWG) due to spiralling costs. It’s is the second time within the last CWG cycle that a host nation has stepped back from its opportunity to deliver the Games.


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Kevin Owens